The future-oriented sustainable building market offers promising new perspectives for architects, planners, and other professionals in the building and real estate sectors.

The DGNB is now offering you the opportunity to position yourself internationally in this market with the DGNB Certification System.

RuGBC is planing to organise the course “DGNB International Auditor/Consultant for New Office and Administrative Buildings”. In the training course you will be introduced to the DGNB International System, learn how it works and how to use it, and thereby make available to your partners the many advantages of certification:

  • Incorporation of all relevant sustainable building aspects in the planning and evaluation process
  • Increased attractiveness of the building on the market
  • Minimization of risks and construction costs
  • Planning and process optimization
  • Maximization of building quality and performance
  • Higher rents

The international training course consists of three sections:

In the first section you will learn about the criteria, the documentation, and the evaluation process of the DGNB International System.

In the second section an exam will be administered to test this knowledge.

The courses are taught in English.

Schedule includes 3 modules. 

Cost for the 1st module — 1500 EUR.

In general the participation and qualification in the international training course are bounded to prerequisite, which are documented here. But doing just the first step — attending the 4 days Module (Module 1) — you just can sign up here.

For more information on the registration process, admission requirements, contents, and costs, please see www.dgnb-international.com.

If you have any questions please contact RuGBC office manager Elena Vasetskaya, + 7 (495) 778-53-70, office@rugbc.org 

In order to stay informed about further activities of the DGNB on the international front — simply register for the International Newsticker.