Building World Class Green Buildings at no extra cost. Secrets of world's leading experts

  • Place: Grivtsova Pereulok 5, Russian House of Auctions
  • Time: 14:00—16:00

DDG RuGBC Buro Technics LEEDOrganisers: RuGBC, Russian Guild of Property Developers and owners

Partners: BuroEcoseven, Bureau Technics, GREEN ZOOM, IES

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Opening Words Guy Eames - CEO RuGBC

Energy efficiency and green building standards development in Russia over the last 3 years, outlook for the future.

Vera Burtseva - CEO Buro Technics

Holistic approach to sustainable development. From Masterplan to completion.


CEO Ahsin Rasheed - CEO DDG USA

LEED certification through the eyes of an investor - case study Eightedges office complex. Technology, capex and certification.


Olga Ponomareva. VP State Company Leorsa (Project Investor)

GREEN ZOOM - adapted international experience. Energy modelling as economic assessment tool at design stage. Analysising energy efficient design using an office complex as a case study. 

Daria Denisihina (PhD), LEED AP BD&C, Michael Samolotov, Buro Technics

Toolkit for green building. Complex energy modelling for EED & BREEAM projects


Michelle Farrell -  IES Environmental //  Buro Ecoseven

Russian Experience. How to calculate cost savings at project stage. Practical case studies for mixed use and office projects


М. Samoletov, Buro Technics

Russian experience. Life cycle analysis for BREEAM certification

Buro Ecoseven - Evgeny Radzievskiy