Conference "Sustainable city" / Сonference

  • Place: VVC, Pavilion 75
  • Time: 14.00—15.40

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October 17, 2012 Scientific-practical conference "Environmental priorities of the city in terms of sustainable development," organized by the Green Building Council and ITE in the international exhibition of urban CITYBUILD 2012, was successfully held at the Exhibition Centre.


The conference was held on the second day of the exhibition in the section "Development of the construction sector in Russia" after the conference "Energy-efficient building technologies, control systems," where energy efficient projects, various energy control and metering systems, and international experience in the energy efficient technologies for buildings are presented. The organizers made ​​sure that the participants and visitors of the conference received reliable information about how environmental issues are taken into account during cities and individual urban areas development, what improvement opportunities for urban development are, and how successful foreign experience of green building can be used in Russia; what the prospects for the "green" building standards development are in Russia. 


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