Report: RuGBC business breakfast “Green building: past, present and future” / Business breakfast

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Special RuGBC business breakfast on 23 September 2010 was one of the closing events of the Green Building Month organised by RuGBC. The guest speakers spoke about the birth of green movement, its achievements and prospects that are not far-fetched, however, and can be implemented in the not too distant future.

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Olga Bolotina, who studied for Sustainable MBA at Presidio Graduate School, opened the event and briefly touched upon the history of green movement, industrial revolution and the recent comeback of a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

Valery Mishchenko, Chairman of the board at Kaskad Family, spoke about the expertise of Japanese companies in zero carbon houses. He admitted that they are presently too costly, but they have all the chances of becoming very efficient and affordable once the mass production is introduced.

Alexey Polyakov, Chairman of the RuGBC board, introduced three unique projects with a rather futuristic look: Masdar City (UAE), Dongtan (Shanghai, China), New Songdo (South Korea).

Oleg Noskov, head of light design at Arup, presented several projects implemented by Arup, one of them being a rather famous by now BedZed residential community in London. He focused on the efficient methods and technologies that can be used for the design of sustainable buildings.

As usual, the guests and speakers had a chance to network after the presentations.

The next business breakfast “Construction materials in green building” will take place on 11 October.

Speakers’ presentations (available to RuGBC members)