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On 29 April 2010 the National Bureau for Ecological Standards and Ratings together with EcoStandard group of companies presented new ecological labelling for construction materials, EcoMaterial.

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Photos by Yana Mironova

National Bureau for Ecological Standards and Ratings (NBESR) and the leading Russian environmental auditor, EcoStandard group of companies, presented their product for comprehensive evaluation of construction and finishing materials, EcoMaterial standard. National ecological standard has been developed in accordance with the Russian legislation and recommendations of the World Health Organisation and USGBC (United States Green Building Council). The new standard meets the requirements of ecological management ISO 14000 and regional European methods.

Compliance with EcoMaterial standard guarantees material’s quality as well as safety for consumers. In addition, this labelling emphasises social and environmental responsibility of the producer.

Russia’s leading research centers study construction materials and evaluate tem according to the major health and environmental safety criteria: hazardous emissions, radiation safety, use of recycled materials, energy efficiency, etc. A positive result is the comprehensive and objective information on material’s ecological safety.

Nikolay Krivozertsev, business development director at EcoStandard group of companies:

The results of our company’s research suggest that only 30% of building and finishing materials are environmentally safe. However, the market is full of supposedly eco-friendly products that even have some green labelling. This is why I think that the appearance of the national standard is very timely and I totally support NBESR’s initiative.

Armen Khachikyan, executive director at NBESR:

Evaluation of construction materials is the last standard developed by our Bureau, but not the least. Since people spend most of their lives at home, it is all the more important that they choose safe materials. We hope that EcoMaterial standard will be accepted by the market and will guarantee the quality of the products.

Sergey Krivozertsev, member of the board at NBESR:

EcoMaterial ecological labelling standard evaluates major environmental characteristics of a product, namely its influence on people’s health during its life cycle (production, installation, use, utilization), environmental impact of material’s production and utilization and environmental responsibility of the producer. The standard contains over 50 criteria and for every criterion materials are estimated on the scale from 0 to 200.

David Henderson-Stuart, NBESR legislation consultant:

I am the member of the French Bar association and while working for the Bureau I was responsible for the legal evaluation of the developed standards. I have considerable experience of working in Western Europe and Russia, which, I hope, will ensure the combination of European approach to public standards and Russian reality.

I consider EcoMaterial standard to be a good example of modern approach to public standard development.