The strategy of house-building development in Russia / Forum

  • Place: Hotel complex – «PRESIDENT-HOTEL», 24, B.Yakimanka Str
  • Time: 10:00—15:00

The 7th International forum “Strategy of Residential Development in Russia” was held on 14 and 15 November in President Hotel, Moscow.

The Forum was the place for the authorities, business and science to discuss trends, problems and prospects of further development of housing construction in Russia. The special thing about the forum is that the authorities of many Russian regions sent their representatives for participating in it.

The key topics for discussion were:

The possibility and prospects of Russian housing construction with the focus on private-public partnership. The other issues discussed during that session were: different ways of implementing private-public partnership in residential development, practice of promoting low-height housing construction in Russia, state support and promotion of residential development in rural area.

Investments in construction, mortgage lending, programs for favouring and promoting raise of investments, prospects of real estate market development  in Russia.

Government procurement in construction: residential construction marker research.

The modern requirements for housing and new technology in residential construction. The highlighted topics were: prospects of low-height  housing construction in Russia, up-to-date technology and products in residential construction in Russia, the idea of a passive house, Russian real estate certification system – Green Standards, state support and promotion of green building.