Knowledge transfer in Green Building: from science to practice / Business breakfast

  • Place: Business Center Ducat Place III, ul.Gascheka, 6, office Cushman & Wakefield
  • Time: 08:45—11.45

November, 1, 2012, RuGBC carried out in the office Cushman & Wakefield the Business Breakfast "Knowledge transfer in Green Building: from science to practice" by support Baden Wurttemberg International Agency for International   Economics and Scientific Cooperation.

3 presentation from German Experts and one from company 3M submitted. Prof. Dr. habil Ursula Eicker, from  Research Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology said about using of geothermal energy for heating and cooling of  one  building in Stuttgart. About implementation project with solar energy in Stuttgart was presented in the report of M.Sc. Andrea Stubler (Solar-  and Heat Technology Stuttgart).  Dr.Ing. Robert Himmler from  EGS-plan International GMbH has presented a preliminary results of  energy efficiency pilot project in Kiev. According to the speaker, reducing energy consumption should be 80%. Scientific developments in the field of  energy efficiency and solutions to reduce of greenhouse gas emissions has been presented by specialist 3MM Electronics Konstantin Bulanov.

General Dicrector of RuGBC Guy Eames awarded certificate and an traditional hut to one of new members RuGBC - company "TEKTA-Group".