Research and training for Green Building

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This initiative is to work closely with leading Universities and technical institutions to provide two way knowledge exchange into the state of green building in Russia. On the one hand this involves carrying out research first hand from our members, on the other it involves delivering courses of various kinds, from a few hours to Masters' courses.


What we want to achieve:

- To produce high quality research - diplom theseis level with students

- To gather relevant statistics and case studies

- To interact between members and Institutions providing courses

- To place, where possible, students as interns with member companies

Membership participation :

- Members are invited to take part in research projects

- Members are encouraged to provide case studies for courses and reseach

- Potential recruits from graduating students

Contribution to the Development of a Green Building Industry in RF :

 - Statistics, best practice and case studies are deserately needed in the industry. Interaction with Institutes creating courses for Green Building on all levels is facilitated. 

Benefits for the Council :

- Closer ties with academic institutes keeps both sides upto date, providing opportunities

- Grows the pool of professionals in the RF

- Source of research, statistics & PR material

How to participate:

Please fill in the simple online form