(New) Sustainable Social Infrastructure

Sustainable Social Infrastructure - is an essential element in creating a sustainable world for ourselves and future generations. Consisting of:

- Green Schools, Educational Buildings, Kindergarten

- Social Housing

- Public Buildings of all types


What we want to achieve:

- To expand Green Building in this sector by creating numerous demonstration projects and case studies to grow awareness

- To collect best practice in this field and publish widely - what are the proven best solutions?

- To encourage investment in this field by "proving the case" for Green Social Infrastructure

Membership participation :

- Members who can offer proven solutions (services or technology) or become clients  

- Members able to participate in demonstration projects - to find opportunities or implementation

- Members able to gather or provide data, carry out research or promote the topic

Contribution to the Development of a Green Building Industry in RF :

- Essential sub-sector which has huge potential in RF across schools, colleges, public buildings, housing etc

Benefits for the Council :

- Provide access to an expanding market to our members

- Allows publication of research reports and other figures

- Strong socially-oriented field, appropriate for not-for profits

- Grant opportunities?