(new) The new showroom in Sochi / Partner's Club 2

Project :

To create a sustainable headquarters and visitor and trainining centre for the Bird sanctuary nr 7 - located in the Olympic Park area of Sochi. The project aims to build on the successful RuGBC experience of the Partner's Club - allowing providors of sustainable solutions (materials and technology) a high profile showroom / demonstration area, under the RuGBC flag.

Initial Project Name :

Public Innovation Centre for the Imeretinsky Bird Sanctuary.

Орнитологический парк

Aim :


  • International awareness building for the Bird Sactuary and its sustainable credentials
  • Increased awareness for Green Building;
  • Partnership brand building in a high level showroom for sustainable construction, visited by thousands;
  • Synergies by demonstratiing environmental solutions by RuGBC members in real projects;
  • Display of Corporate Social Responsibility of all project partners; 

Goals :

  To create a sustainable flagship for the Imeretinsky Bird Sanctuary;

  • To create an visitor centre with exhibitions to attract tourists attention to ornithology and build links between the business and environmental communities;
  • To create one of Russia's first Eco-Parks with Green Building solutions;
  • Two atractive temporary showroom buildings demonstrating green technologies;
  • Young ornithological display stands for children;
  • Raise local interest in rare birds and the importance of Sochi for their survival;
  • Venue to holding seminars, training and presentations;;


Scope & Functionality:


  • Create pathways from sustainable materials (decking / recycled materials);
  • Create viewing hides from FSC certified wood;
  • Wetland walkways from sustainable materials;
  • Viewing platforms;
  • Design and set up of signposting and information stands;
  • Feeding points;
  • Design and construction of two temporary structures from innovative materials containing; 
  •  - Bird Sanctuary admin space
  • - display area for bird sanctuary,
  • - children's educational area (young ornithologists)
  • - sustainable solutions showroom for project partners,
  • - conference room

Detailed project description:

Small scale attractive multifunctional complex ca 300m2.

The site at sanctuary nr 7 allows the construction of two buildings of 2 floors each;

Metal, wood and glass temprary structures;

No foundations;

Microgeneration of renewable energy, highly efficient fittings and other green technologies. Internal & extrernal fit out using sustainable materials, furniture, heating & cooling, BMS, lighting all to be to high spec sustainable standards.

Visual appearance to show harmony with the setting and function both externally and internally.

Inside layout to include space for the administrative offices of the sanctuary and visitor centre, exhibition area, conference space.

Pathways and exterior areas are considered part of the project.

Conditions :

The project will be carried out as a non commercial partnership between the state owned Ornitopark and the not for profit Green Building Council Russia (RuGBC).

RuGBC manages the project by bringing together partners from its membership.

RuGBC attracts coordinates the project through attracting partners who will contribute by donating their materials and finiancially, will seek grant funding and investment from RuGBC.

The Ornitopark will provide the land plot and necessary facility management throughout the building's use (cleaning, security, utilities).

Partners interests :


  • Half of the building floorspace will be used as an exhibition showroom for sustainable technologies and solutions provided by the partners for 6 years from the opening date;
  • Half of the time the conference room will be available for partners throughout the 6 years;
  • A small ofice space will be available for RuGBC; 

 Ornithopark (bird sanctuary administration) interests :


  • Receives the use of a unique innovative and environmental showcase building and infrastructure at sanctuary nr 7 without investing into the planning, design and construction;
  • Infrastructure will include office space for the administration of the park, exhibition space (these two totalling 50% of internal space), bird feeders, viewing hides and pathways;
  • The park receives fully equipped conference hall and space for childrens activities - centre for young ornithologists;
  • At the end of the 6 years the Ornithological centre becomes the owner of the infrastructure and building;


Unique characteristics of the project and partner benefits :

The showroom, buildings and infrastructure will become an important element of the natural park, which is home to dozens of rare bird species, which make this their home on their migration path during winter / spring (including swans, flamingoes and herons.

The Sanctuary is of international significance as it was included in the Bid Book for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014 as part of the conservation measures for the coastal cluster infrastructure. As such it is observed by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Krasnodar Regional Government, Russian Government, International Olympic Committee, UNDP and other bodies.  

As such the project is likely to receive high levels of commendations from the abovenamed bodies as an element of the "Green Legacy" of the Sochi 2014 Games.

The site (Park nr 7) chosen, is in the centre of the innovative Izmeretinsky Coastal Cluster infrastructure, being within walking distance of the Olympic Park which is one of the central destinations in Sochi due to the number of new world-class hotels, sporting venues and conference and exhibition centres which host high level events such as the Sochi Investment Forum. The close proximity allows visitors and delegations to visit the Sanctuary and showroom. 

The site is close to several newly built 4-5 star hotels with a capacity of 18,000 rooms. It will in itself become an important part of the local touristic amenities including cycle ways, beaches, Sochi Park, Promenade. It is connected to local transport by the Sochi Park station (2013). These will guarantee a steady flow of visitors to the centre from all over Russia and overseas.

The unique all-year sub-tropical climiate with 310 sunny days is favourable to the use of photovoltaic and SHW systems. Steady breeze from the nearby sea also allows low level wind generation.

The site is surrounded by a park zone with beautiful trees, vegetation and lakes.

THe finial structure will be therefore look attractive from all sides - the road which it is next to, the park, even from the air. The Park has full time security.

Estimated Cost

1 000 000 Euro / 40 000 000 roubles

Construction stages:

  1. Design phase / partner selection – July - December 2014
  2. Construction works – from May 2015

Project Initiators :

Krasnodar Regional Ornothological Environmental Park in the Imeretinsky Lowlands (State organisation)

Official Website : http://ornitoparksochi.ru/

Short information :

The Bird Sactuary was formed by the Krasnodar Regional Administration supported by the OLympic Delivery Body Olympstroy and the WWF in the Imeretinsky Lowlands, as part compensation for the loss of habitat caused by the preparations for the Winter Olympics and as part of the sustainable development concept of the region.

THe Imeretinsky Lowlands are the only Russian section of the Colchis lowlands and wetlands, the furthest eastern section.  In depth analysis of the flora and fauna of these turf wetlands were carried out in the Abkazian part of the wetlands showed a very low corrolation with the rest of the area (19% of Aldar woods and 5.9% for other environmental features) - indicating its uniqueness in habitat terms (Kolokovsky 1948). 

Extremely unique and valuable vegetation, 50% of the species which belongs to the Mediterranean element (Bebiya et al, 1987). Separately, it should specify the unique flora and fauna species, known in Russia only, or principally with the Imereti lowland. Imereti lowland in ornithological respect is one of the most valuable natural areas in the West Caucasus. It is included in the number of IBAs Russian international importance, in the list of wetlands of the North Caucasus, the eligible population Ramsar konventsii.Plotnost Imereti lowland birds during their nesting is characterized by high rates (928 osobey/km2) and significantly exceeds the total density birds on the slopes. Dominated numerically vidyrazlichnyh environmental groups: bush, field, synanthropic (Shrike, Black-headed wagtail, starling). Black Sea coast of the Caucasus is a unique migration route of birds. Terrain features, narrowing front of flight to a narrow corridor in the coastal strip, contribute to the high concentrations of birds, lots of species diversity. Span many success depends on the ability of migrants to the traditional stops feeding and resting sites. These nodes are estuarine sections of rivers, especially the coastal lowlands. Imereti lowland is a major stopping point on their bird migration route in the Russian Black Sea coast. A characteristic feature of the bird migration is the type of their undulating flight. After wave of intense movements followed by a pause of silence migrations. During the span of waves on the Imereti lowland collects a wide variety of birds.Imereti lowland an important ecological reserve for wintering birds, whose value increases many times in extreme winter. In those years many species are forced to leave their usual wintering areas and moving to the lowlands, expected termination adverse conditions. Total in the Imereti lowland during wintering inhabits 102 species of birds, 11 of which are listed in the Red Book of Russia. Key habitats of wintering and nesting birds are all most large bodies of water (small and large swan pond, large pond farm "Southern Cultures", a pond near the mouth of the river. Psou). Reed marshes that serve important fodder biotope for migrating and wintering birds and nesting sites for a number of bird species of wetland, as well as areas of agricultural land and deposits, which are the main fodder biotope for many wintering birds. Herpetofauna lowlands is a unique complex of Russia for the Colchis swamp cenosis. This is the only area of ​​Sochi coast to be  able to keep in perspective viable population of the intertidal marsh turtle and Georgian population of the sand lizard.

Role of RuGBC

Coordinator and executor of the infrastructure project

Opportunities for members

To take part in the project as partners or sponsors of the marketing program;