(New) Green Building Week Pledges

Green Building Week is celebrated around the globe amongst the growing professional sustainability community and this year will be between 22-26th September 2014. All the activities are shown via the World GBC Site

Get Up, Green Up'

RuGBC's initiative in line with Get Up, Green Up' is to ask Members each to make a pledge and let us know what that is and send some evidence if it has been carried out. RuGBC will publicise all of the results on our website and through our media partners. We would be grateful if your organisation could also publish via our channels - newsletters, emails, press release, corporate magazine - using the RuGBC & World GBC message: Get Up, Green Up' Think of evidence - a photo you could take for example. We will add the pledges to our website

Examples of what you could do

 - By 22nd September start to monitor weekly the energy use in your office or building (If possible and not already carried out - by making staff aware of energy consumption, use often falls by 20-25%)

- Find one technology in your office which needs improving, ask your management to carry out that improvement eg separate lighting zones for areas near to the windows and those deeper in the building allowing lights near windows to be switched off to save power or fitting aerating taps in your washrooms - or to other water saving types

- Carry out an energy audit of your office

- Start to car share - carry out a survey who drives to work and from what place, you may find you can take it in turn to drive OR come on the metro!

- Train one of your staff in LEED / BREEAM

These are only examples. There are probably plenty of ideas you already have.

Next Step:

Fill out the form online to let us know about your pledge. Feel free to make more than one!


What we want to achieve:

- Direct action - we want YOU to do something green and tell us about it!

Membership participation :

- This initiative has been created for ALL RuGBC members. We are hoping good ideas will go viral!

Contribution to the Development of a Green Building Industry in RF :

- Through the pledges and results we hope to raise awareness of measures that an be taken

- Numerous examples from the pledges can be used as case studies and PR

Benefits for the Council :

- Interaction with broader membership group

- PR, ideas


Further Information :