(new) Green Book - a directory of technologies and materials

The Green Book - project to grow awareness and act as online resource of Green Building Solutions - materials & technologies. An essential resource for architects and purchasers of materials and services for Green Buildings in Russia.


Summary description :

The Green Book is much more than a catalogue - its a three sided instrument:

- First Part : Interactive internet resource, encompassing catalogue, reference guide, internet store, and search engine, sorted by categories, areas and uses. To include case studies, comparisons, technical characteristics, constructor, price comparison. 

- Printed hard copy of solutions (periodically);

- Second Part : Showroom - roving and permanent exhibition space in which product demonstrations occurring on road-shows and part of marketing communication of the project;

The Green Book's function is to give uptodate information about sustainable solutions for Green Building, including:

-        Construction Materials

-        Ready made consruction elements;

-        Technologies;

-        Equipment;

-        Complex solutions;

-        Services and approaches;

Solutions encompass:

-        Green Building (design, construction and development);

-        Territorial development;

-        Facilities and site management;

-        Interior and exterior design (Offices, Residential, Retail, others);

-        Home Appliances;

Areas covered:



Interior air quality,



The project is a catalogue popularising the above solutions for use on the Russian market appealing to a wide range of end-users;

The project aims to apeal to providors and partners both International and Russian based which are interested in the expansion of the Russian market for sustainable solutions and will be available primarily in Russian language.

Sustainable Development of Russia via Green Building solutions is the ideology behind the project.


The Challenge

Currently in Russia the market and awareness for sustainable solutions is partially formed and growing. Now is the time to bring those solutions together in one guide, allowing the purchaser to browse, compare and chose using various criteria. This should not only quicken product uptae but also allow synergies and integration.

The concept of such a guide is tried and tested internationally and has been positively received by suppliers.


Aims / Scope

-    The project is unique in Russia;

-    Has the potential to create synergies and act as a positive catalyst for sustainable development in Russia;

-    Attractive to the business community as an sales and marketing instrument; 

-  The market ihas long anticipated this tool to bring together Cluster solutions and those of RuGBC members;

-  Easy to integrate into existing large and small-scale marketing Campaigns within Russian and globally (as an element);

-   Project is aimed at the widest possible audience;

-   Attractive to both large scale partners and investors as part of CSR programs and as a direct marketing or BTL vehicle;

-    Good match with current policy goals and trends;

-    Highly comunicative and interactive project allowing for the development of strateguc partnerships and partnerships with the local and business communities;

Project Realisation Concept:

-  We are ready to listen and adapt to the views of our partners at all stages of the project.This project is seen as a "partners Club" - therefore all views will be taken onboard;

-  Maximal inclusion of non-commercial partners in order to further synergise and develop the project (initial working group approach). By being inclusive we hope to build a stronger and more appealing product;

-  We aim to create a strong uniform brand for the benefit and use of all of the partners;

-  In order to attract a larger base of initiaial solution-providors we will allow a displayed solutions to include available sustainability criteria. As the market grows and becomes more competitive, this will include for example more EPDs and connections to BREEAM/LEED. However those without such investments will also be listed.

-  We aim to include the broadest selection of solutions and suppliers in a practical guide;

Initial aims - to reach a critical mass of listings, allowing further sustainable growth:

-  Rapid inclusion of a maximum number of project partners from differing industry segments to the project;

- The creation of natural competition between solution providors via display of objctive information;

-  The create an interesting pltform for major player;

Initial solutions for end-users:

-  First of its kind pioneering product;

-  Felexible user-friendly interface search engine allowing for comparisons online;

-  Wide range of solutions with detailed descriptions;

-  Tool to make comparisons between different solutions;

-  Price guide, liink to get in touch with the distributor or manufacturer;

-  Opportunity to view products at the RuGBC Showroom and the events program;


Proposal for partners and participants:

-   Unique high-quality integrated marketing space for goods and services;

-    Strong positioning on the GB market amongst largest players / Clients;

-    Strong brand building opportunities for partners;