(New) Green Sheds

RuGBC Green ShedsRetail, warehouses and factory premises are a fast growing and important sector of the construction industry. An increasing number are being constructed to "green" standards - LEED,BREEAM or DGNB. Many RuGBC members are working on such projects. Due to their relatively simple exterior design, they are often referred to as "sheds".


Typically these buildings are:

- Highly Energy Efficient

- Include innovative solutions for HVAC / Lighting / Water management

- Are high quality, strong investments

What we want to achieve:

- To expand this sector of the market, so that "Green Sheds" become the sector desired norm

- To collect best practice and case studies

- To prove the business case for Green Sheds

Membership participation :

- Members with a proven skill in this area or developers of such buildings are invited to join

- Tours of existing projects such as Oriflame, SKF etc are anticipated

- Participation in presentations at conferences

Contribution to the Development of a Green Building Industry in RF :

 - Industrial buildings can prove harmful to the environment due to their size, location and resource requirements. Some (eg retail) are used by millions each year. For this reason Green Shed growth is important

Benefits for the Council :

- Accelerates work with other groups eg Industrial Park Association and member companies

- Source of research, statistics & PR material

How to participate:

Please fill in the simple online form