(New) Russia 2030

2030.jpgPledge to make your building carbon neutral by 2030!

The 2030 Challenge has been accepted by hundreds of building owners and is now coming to Russia with RuGBC.

Buildings are the major source of global demand for energy and materials that produce by-product greenhouse gases (GHG). Slowing the growth rate of GHG emissions and then reversing it is the key to addressing climate change and keeping global average temperature below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

2030 Russia RuGBC

To accomplish this, Architecture 2030 issued The 2030 Challenge asking the global architecture and building community to adopt the following targets: 

  • All new buildings, developments and major renovations shall be designed to meet a fossil fuel, GHG-emitting, energy consumption performance standard of 60% below the regional (or country) average/median for that building type.
  • At a minimum, an equal amount of existing building area shall be renovated annually to meet a fossil fuel, GHG-emitting, energy consumption performance standard of 60% of the regional (or country) average/median for that building type.


RuGBC is seeking members which own or operate buildings as well as those offering solutions to help achieve the above goals.

What we want to achieve:

- In 2014 to attract at least 10 building owners who will pledge to achieve the 2030 Challenge

- To become a leadeing 2030 Challenge network member

- To achieve "critical mass" with proven solutions which can then be mass marketed 

Membership participation :

- Member Developers are encouraged to join the initiative with the aim of pledging their project

- Member solution providors are encouraged to join to find appropriate applications for their solutions within the pledged projects

- Chair sought to Champion the project among building owners, GR networks and at events

Contribution to the Development of a Green Building Industry in RF :

- Puts Russia on an equal footing to other EU / US markets with similar programs

- Opportunity for piloting of solutions not yet widely used on the market in RF

- Case Study and promotional opportunities

- Promotes openness and disclosure

Benefits for the Council :

- Allows member developers the opportunity to select the best technological solutions at the best possible conditions

- Allows members solution suppliers a chance to place their cutting edge solutions in a comfortable but high exposure environment

How to participate:

Fill in the short application form online


Further Information :