(Completed 2010-14) Sochi - 2014: Implementationof Green Building Standards Reports

In 2010 the Council won a tender to write 7 reports for the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee on various aspects of Green Building during the preparation for the Winter 2014 Games. These reports subsequently formed part of the Green Building Legacy of the Games and were presented to the IOC. The reports were written and published betwen 2010 - 2013.

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What was achieved :

- The Council colected data by contacting all of the 200 project teams covering:

- Assessment of the Challenges, Scope and Risks 

- Implementation of Standards for Sustainability - (ISO, BREEAM, National and Corporate);

- Recognition Programme analysis of solutions and best practice;

- Sustainability Strategy and its links to Green Building;

--Awareness creation programmes and case studies to form a legacy;

-- Energy - its role in the projects and reconstructed infrastructure;


Aims :

- To gather verified data for future study of the Olympic green building legacy;

- To case study sustainability achievements in Sochi to the Russian and International Community; 

- To demonstrate achievements by RuGBC members and identify other champions;;

Achievements :

-- In the three year period (2011 - 2013), all 200 project stakeholders were contacted and 7 quality reports were approved and published with official commendation letters received from the head of the Organising Committee.  

Membership participation :

-- Several of the participating organisations and Jury members subsequently became RuGBC members thanks to the program;

Contribution to the Development of a Green Building Industry in RF :

-- Sochi 2014 was the first large scale implementation of Green Building Standards in the RF. These reports deocumented and publicised this fact to the industry and students;

-- Allowed the collection of and subsequent detailed analysis of data pertaining to sustainability in large-scale construction;

-- Increased stakeholder awareness of green building and certification to industry including recognising innovative leaders and champions.

Benefits for the Council :

-- The Council demonstrated its cability to cooperate high level analytical reports;

-- The Council demonstrated an ability to work with stakeholders on all levels including Government Representatives;

-- Financial contribution;


Further Information :