(Completed 2013) RuGBC Partner's Club 2013 / Green Building Leaders

The Partners Club project was carried out as part of Russia's largest construction expos - Mobuild 2013

 partners club stand.jpgПартнерский клуб Совета 


What we did :

2-5th April 2013 the Council carried out the following: 

- Partners Club Stand / showroom – Leaders of Green Building 2013, bringing together solutions from over 20 companies, suppliers of materials or technology, into a uniquely designed space;

- Annual General Meeting of RuGBC;

- Leade

rs of Green BUilding 2013 Conference;

- Series of Master Classes for Green Building;

Goals :

-  To create a unique series of events at Russia's largest key industry event;

- To create a unique showroom, representing synergy between RuGBC and its solution providers; 

What we achieved :

- over 2000 expo visitors came to the showroom  - mostly industry professionals and potential clients;


Membership involvement :

- Over 17 Members exhibited in the show-room;

- Over 100 members were involved in RuGBC events at Mosbuild;

Contribution to Green Building in Russia :

Over 2,000 visotors to the expo were made aware of the Council's strong brand and the growth of the Green Building Industry;

Benefits for RuGBC :

- Source of Income ;

- Demonstratio of synergy potential among partners and members; 

- Marketing positioning;

- Creatio of a new format - showroom;


Further reading (In Russian) :

Report (in Russian)

Presentation of the Club (Russian pdf)