(Completed 2010-13) Recognition Programme / Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games

In 2013 the Council completed a mamoth three year project to create and manage an award program for Green Building amongst the designers, construction companies, developers and facility managers of the Winter Olympic and Parolympic Games held in Sochi in 2014.

Церемония награждения победителей

What was achieved :

- The Council organised a three year large-scale competition, split into three stages:  

- 2011  - Design Stage Competition, awarding project designs;

- 2012 -  Construction Stage Competition, awarding construction projects;

- 2013 - Completed Project Competition, awarding finished projects;

-- Completition of competition documentation at each stage;

-- Creation of customised regulations, competition scoring criteria and rules;

-- Assembled expert Jury and managed the Jury meetings;

-- Managed contestant activity including guaranteed applications;

-- Completed professional judgement for each entry;

Aims :

- To highlight best environmental practice and solutions for Green Building among the venues and infrastrcture of the Sochi Winter Olympic 2014 Games;

- The promotion of best practice and solutions for sustainable construction;

- Awarding the winners - by high ranking officials - IOC Senior Officials, Heads of Government of RF;

Achievements :

-- In the three year period (2011 - 2013), over 100 organisations took part covering 70 projects. The winners were awarded prizes by the Russian Government and International Olympic Committee, and Sochi 2014 Organising Committee. Over the 3 years 21 projects were recognised. 

Membership participation :

-- Several of the participating organisations and Jury members subsequently became RuGBC members thanks to the program;

Contribution to the Development of a Green Building Industry in RF :

-- Significant increase in the level of attention to Life-Cycle and environmental aspects of project design and the importance of innovative sustainable practices and solutions;

-- Allowed the collection of and subsequent detailed analysis of data pertaining to sustainability in large-scale construction;

-- Demonstration of the prestigeous recognition achievable by the Russsian Government and the international community for opting to adopt innovative and sustainable solutions; 

Benefits for the Council :

-- The Council demonstrated its cability to cooperate high level competitions;

-- The Council demonstrated an ability to work with stakeholders on all levels including Government Representatives;

-- Financial contribution;


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