(2013-2014) Russian-US Round Table for Green Building

Following visits to Russia and Kazakhstan in 2013 by prominant US Green Building Figures - such as Robert Watson (founder of LEED), Al Skodowski (Executive Chair USGBC) & Mike Schiler (CEO Green Building Alliance), it became apparent what serious opportunities are available for cooperation between US & Russian specialists in this field.

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RuGBC and the Green Building Alliance formed an initiative to bring together its members - specialists from the Russian and US sides. In November 2013 Guy Eames & Svetlana Koshkina visited the US on a "Roadshow" to look for partners and open an initial dialogue. The visit was hosted by the Green Building Alliance and covered 8 cities.

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 The tour included:

- Visiting Greenbuild 2013 - the US's largest Event for Green Building - organised by the USGBC and attended by 30,000 visitors;

- Meeting with the USGBC's New York Chapter - the Urban Green Council;

- Presentations and tours in Pittsburg, one of the USA's Greenest Cities;

- Meetings with representatives of the Chicago Mayor's office;

- Discussions with Bill McDonaugh at Cradle to Cradle

- Meeting with 2030 Challenge directors;

- Events with Chicago Sister Cities International;

- Visit to La Rouge (Ford) Green Roof;

- Attending a speech by Hillary Clinton in support of the Green Building Industry.

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Return Visit to Russia for the US Group

A return tour to Russia was organised by the Green Development Forum in March 2014, encompassing Mosbuild and a road show to Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan and Sochi. The three week tour also included a US Russian round table at Mosbuild, LEED seminar, visit to Oriflame's Noginsk factory and consulting on Ecotourism in Sochi.


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