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Sochi 2014 - Sustainable Construction Reports

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RuGBC Research

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Short study into the performance of green building projects in Russia – Measures taken and the technical, socioeconomic and environmental achievements (Skoltech / RuGBC) 2014

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Private Investments into Sustainable Development 

By Anna Shilova CRE Solutions 06/12

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Green Lease Guide

by Real Property Association of Canada, 2010

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National Standard of Russian Federation ГОСТ Р 54954-2012

Federal Agency for Metrology and Technical regulations, 2013

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The Business Case for Green Building

World Green Building Council

A Review of the Costs and Benefits for Developers, Investors and Occupants


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Greenprint Performance Report 

Urban Land Institite, 2011 (vol.3)

Greenprint sets the global standard for a common system to measure and benchmark energy,emissions, and water usage across the global property industry


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VERGE and the built environment

VERGE and the Built Environment

GreenBiz Group, 2012

What happens when four massive technologies (energy, information, buildings, and transportation) collide? The answer is “an unprecedented opportunity for business and sustainability” called VERGE.

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State of Green Business 2013

State of Green Business 2013

GreenBiz Group, 2013

Sustainable Business Trends of 2013 - As the global economy sputtered back to life, companies began to link their sustainability strategy to critical business activities.

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ENERGY STAR Annual Report 2011

ENERGY STAR 2011 Annual Report

 Energy Star, 2011

Practical, costeffective solutions exist for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the environment through the adoption of energy efficiency, clean energy supply options, and other climate-friendly policies. For the past 19 years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s climate protection partnership programs have implemented innovative strategies and practices to overcome market barriers.

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A tale of Two Buildings

A Tale of Two Buildings

 Jones Lang LaSalle, 2012

A Tale of Two Buildings report from the BBP and Jones Lang LaSalle emphasises the importance of measuring and achieving reductions in actual energy consumption.

Using data gathered from over 200 buildings over the past four years, they have measured the actual energy performance of BBP members' managed properties in London with surprising results.

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Public Procurement

Public Procurement and the Private Supply of Green Buildings

 Harvard Business School, 2012

In the research paper recently published by the Harvard Business School, the authors explore some of the excess inertia in the green building marketplace over the last decade and how one simple policy measure might be providing that much-needed spark. They examine if public investment in green government buildings has actually stimulated private investment, supply and market uptake of green building.

See the Executive Summary and Download the Working Paper


Energy Management Handbook

Energy Management Handbook

 Legrand, 2012

Business is increasingly affected by rising energy costs and environmental concerns. From product design to distribution, energy is an  integral component and differentiating factor in today’s marketplace.

The 16-page Energy Management Handbook outlines a four-step process  to launching an energy management program. 

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Green Economy Report

UNEP, 2011

The Green Economy Report is compiled by UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative in collaboration with economists and experts worldwide. It demonstrates that the greening of economies is not generally a drag on growth but rather a new engine of growth. The report seeks to motivate policy makers to create the enabling conditions for increased investments in a transition to a green economy.

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Playing Hot and Cold

Playing Hot and Cold: How can Russia heat policy find its way towards energy efficiency?

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, October 2012

The Russian district heating market has a large energy-saving potential, and, therefore, need for investments. Securing the necessary financing will require involving the private industry and creating favorable conditions for private investors. Regulators have to develop a comprehensive policy.

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Energy Efficiency Investments in Public FacilitiesEnergy Efficient Investments in Public Facilities

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

February 2012

Energy efficiency in the public sector as a top priority for energy efficiency cooperation of USA and RF. This publication supports this bilateral effort. 

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Greening Your Company and its Supply – Distribution Chains

practical guide from Waste Management Upstream

will help to be more profitable than competitors, reduce the costs of office operations, improve emloyees productivity, increase the building value, increase the occupancy etc. 

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TechnoNikol corporation 

Exploited and green roofs design manual

August 2012 

This manual provides the exploited species and green roofs, common design issues exploited and green roofs, their construction, maintenance and service, as well as occupational health and safety, etc.

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Jones Lang LaSalle: Sustainable development and regeneration at the London Olympic Games

Major sporting events have the opportunity – and (when publicly funded) the responsibility – to prove that new approaches to development are viable by converting previously unreachable standards into the mainstream.

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GreenBiz group report

The state of Green Business 2012


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Skolkovo - Energy Efficiency Report, Dec. 2011

Significant changes in energy efficiency space, current trends in society and State policies in Russia aimed to increase sustainable use of energy resources are described. New investment opportunities in dynamically growing energy efficiency market place are outlined.  

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Building Materials and the Environment

by Stephen George & Partners

containing summaries and data sheets on specified construction materials, as well as links to more information. 

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1_3.jpgAutomation of buildings – energy efficiency impacts

brochure provided by Siemens

focused on building automation issues, as well as sales of automation systems for new and existing buildings.

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EE Russia.pngEnergy efficient Russia

McKinsey & Company

December, 2009 

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Sustainability Prospects in the US Real Estate Industry, Feb. 2009

RREEF Research, Number 70

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Building a cleaner planet, November 2008

Deutsche Bank Research

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