Sakuler GeraldРасскажите о себе и своем деловом опыте, если Вы уже были членом Правления - укажите, каковы конкретные результаты Вашей деятельности, которые принесли пользу Совету?

Sakuler Gerald

Tell about yourself and the business experience and if you were already board member - specify what are specific results of your activities, which brought benefit to Council?

I am board member in several organizations - for example the AEB - since 12 years and my achievement is that during this time it became the most important business organization for the foreign business in Russia and is financially stabile and prosperous.

How you and/or your company is connected with Green Building?

I am DGNB Consultant, means I learned not just about Energy Efficiency or Greenbuilding but also Sustainability. (DGNB Rating system is the only rating system based on Sustainability)

What contribution you can make in Council as the board member?

My knowledge helps the Council to balance the work and understand the difference of the actions in terms of Energy Efficiency, Greenbuilding and Sustainability. They are all interconnected but completely different and most of the people are not aware of the differenciations and interconnections.

In what direction you would like to work as the board member?

German/Austrian aspects. This countries are not just leading in modern building technologies but also in terms of Sustainablie Greenbuildings. Lisi house (Living Inspired by Sustainable Innovation) won the Solar Decatlon in USA as the best building of its kind. The Author was the TU Vienna (Technical University Vienna).