Becoming a BREEAM International Assessor

BREEAM International assessors are qualified to carry out any BREEAM assessments outside of the UK using the standard schemes and the Bespoke International Scheme. What are the benefits of becoming a BREEAM International Assessor?

There are many benefits of becoming a BREEAM International assessor, including:

  • Being able to lead and inspire the industry in association with BRE Global
  • Creating business opportunities for yourself and your company
  • Raising awareness of sustainability on a global level
  • Having the opportunity to make a difference
  • Influencing the design of buildings
  • Interesting work

Are there any pre-qualification requirements?

There are no pre-qualification requirements to becoming a BREEAM International assessor. The only thing we stipulate is the need to have a very good understanding of written and spoken English. We do however have to state that the training is technical and therefore knowledge of the below areas would be advantageous:

  • Construction
  • Sustainability Principles
  • Local codes and standards specific to where you will be working
  • Building regulations
  • Environmental design
  • Energy performance

The BREEAM International Training Course

To become a BREEAM International assessor you will need to have completed a three day training course. The first two days are the Foundation days (common to all non domestic versions of BREEAM) and the third day is the Top Up Day which is specific to BREEAM International.

The training course consists of lectures and workshop exercises. During the course you will work on case studies to help familiarize yourself with the BREEAM issues.

At the end of the third day, you will be required to successfully complete a multi-choice exam and a homework case study exercise which you have 3 months to complete and submit.

Once you have become a qualified BREEAM International assessor, you are then eligible to apply for a BREEAM International License. There is no fee attached to the annual licence, you are however charged a lodgment fee per assessment registered.

Details of course dates and costs can be found on the Training page.

What buildings can be assessed with this qualification?

Once you have completed the training and signed a licensing agreement with BRE Global, BREEAM International Assessors are able to:

  • Carry out assessments for International BREEAM schemes such as BREEAM Gulf and the European schemes
  • Carry out Bespoke BREEAM assessments for individual buildings internationally

Moscow courses

For details of the next courses in Moscow you can either go to BREEAM.ORG web site or to RuGBC training dates

BREEAM Professional (Accredited Professional)

A BREEAM Accredited Professional (BREEAM AP) has demonstrated specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design combined with a high level of competence in the BREEAM assessment process. BREEAM APs will provide a design team with expert advice on built environment sustainability, environmental design and environmental assessment. They will facilitate the team’s efforts to successfully schedule activities, set priorities and negotiate the trade-offs required to achieve a target BREEAM rating when the design is formally assessed.

To see a list of all BREEAM Accredited Professionals click here.

Currently the BREEAM AP is not being offered in Russia, however experienced practitioners can train in the UK or online to receive this qualification.

For information about courses available in Russia, please click